A Quick Look At Google Inbox

A Quick Look At Google Inbox

A few weeks ago I managed to get my hands on Google’s new app, Inbox. So far I love it, but it’s not quite ready to be my go-to email app for a few reasons.

First, let’s start off with …

Samsung’s Gear VR Headset Will Cost $200, Ship In Early December

Samsung Gear

Remember the Gear VR, Samsung’s Oculus-inspired virtual reality headset? Rather than plugging the headset into a computer or console, you’d slip a phone (just the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, for now) into the headset and it’d act as the … Read more...

Uber Launches Wallet-Based Payment System In India To Comply With New Regulations

Uber Wallet

Uber has introduced a wallet-style payment system in India in response to recent regulations that require all online transactions to pass through domestic payment systems.

The new payment method now allows customers to essentially pay with their debit card or … Read more...

The Psychology Of Online Customization

The Psychology Of Online Customization

Editor’s note: Liraz Margalit serves as Customer Experience Psychologist for ClickTale. Her job involves incorporating theory and academic research into customer analysis, building a conceptual framework for insights into online consumer behavior.

E-commerce firms are discovering the value of online … Read more...

Snapchat Wants Its Users Who Still Use Third-Party Apps To Give Them Up Already


Having already warned its users that connecting to a third-app gives “a developer, and possibly a criminal” access to their intimate selfies, Snapchat is taking new steps to safeguard their privacy in the wake of hundreds of thousands … Read more...

Taylor Swift Explains Why She Knew Spotify Was Trouble

Taylor Swift

Taylor, I’ma let you finish but… Spotify is still one of the best music streaming services of all time.

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s take a look at tall musician Taylor Swift, and her thoughts on … Read more...

Uber’s Next Billion-Dollar Financing Could Be A Convertible Debt Round


On-demand transportation company Uber could put more money under its already overstuffed mattress*, as the company is seeking to raise an addition $1 billion in funding. Instead of offering equity to investors that participate, however, the company might structure the … Read more...

Microsoft’s CEO Breaks Down The New Soul Of His Company

CEO Microsoft

Microsoft is a company with a new cloud focus, a new CEO, and new re-org, and a massive new hardware business that brought in around $3.5 billion in revenue in its most recent across two device categories alone. So if … Read more...

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